Cloning, Format Conversion & Digital Delivery

Cloning, Cross Conversion, Down-conversion & Signal Legalization for all HD & SD formats, as well as up-Conversions using TeraNex.
Audio restipes to HD from DA88 or files
HDCAM JH3 rental deck for HDCAM playback.
Capture from HD and SD to files for any non-linear editing system such as Final Cut Pro or Avid.

Supported tape formats include:
HDCam SR, and HDCam SR 4:4:4
Digital Betacam (NTSC & PAL)

Sony HDV

DVCPro 50 and 25
VHS and 3/4"

DVD and Blu-ray Creation

DVD and Blu-ray mastering and duplication, with full colour labels printed directly on the disks. Fast turnaround available for DVD creation from various tape and file formats, including downconvert from HD, as well as NTSC to PAL standards conversion.